The Most Magical Magicians in Toronto

The entertainment industry grows and differs with the latest social trends but one thing remains unchanged over the years; people love magic. It’s true, when we see a magician’s booth at a festival or in a mall we cannot simply walk by. Our natural curiosity compels us to look and to want to know more about that we see and cannot explain. Toronto is home to Magical Duda Entertainment (, a magician company that serves the nearby areas and shows people how to have an amazing time with magic.

Magic comes in many forms, with close up magic or illusions being just a few of these. This form of entertainment has been adapted over the years with shows suiting different age groups or settings, and often involves animals. Although at first glance, magic shows may not be appealing to everyone, after seeing a Magical Duda Entertainment show, it is extremely hard to resist the temptation to play along and be amazed. They certainly have an edge, with incredible entertainment and something to suit everyone!

When organising an event or show wherein magic is performed the target audience must be carefully thought through, ensuring that the show is suitable for the age group and will captivate the whole audience, bringing everyone joy. Children may be more likely to enjoy balloon sculpting or animal, whereas older audiences may want to see a variety of close up magic. Magic lessons are also a great way to bring people into the community! Magical Duda offer the best magical lessons in all of Toronto.

About Magical Duda Entertainment

Magical Duda Entertainment have over 15 years experience in their field, with two full time workers Cory Clarke (Magical Duda) and Ryan Moreau (Flying Ryan), and a part-time staff member Cory Clarke (Balloon Dude).  They also own several animals that are part of their live animal shows, such as Oreo the Bunny and Felix, a dove. They offer a huge variety of entertainment from children’s parties, to festival shows to cocktail evening entertainment. On top of this they offer magic lessons for those ages 7 and above. With all of this and a $5million liability insurance, high quality entertainers and professionally trained animals, it’s hard to disagree that they really are the best magicians company in Canada!