Special Shopping Arena


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (8/09/2016) Special Shopping Arena

Online Marketplace for Amazing Deals

NY, U.S.A : Craziestprices announces launching of new online shopping arena that produces modern shopping solutions, special supplies and cheaper prices for shoppers. Influenced by those feedback customers could get preferable products and maximize online shopping experience. Craziestprices is Americans’ paramount online marketplace the place where customers create remarkable deals.

Numerous consumers celebrated Craziestprices for the initiatives and resources assembled for the innovation for the shopping arena and the CEO Carlos Kremmer encourages both existing and potential sellers and buyers that “Best online shopping site wonderful items and shop owners, also Craziest Prices is a way to shop online it save you a whole lot of time going to the mall, and too the store as well” To purchase anything just mouse over the chosen products and click, even having several clicks, shoppers can add more products as they prefer to order to their shopping cart without hitches. Start shopping online on Craziestprices for that product that has often been on your prefer list. Every customers benefit in the following ways:

? The convenience when shopping on Craziestprices -Simplicity can certainly be considered to be the most important support in using online marketplace stores and reliable twenty four hours access, giving all shoppers the liberty to shop when they desire to.

? Readily obtainable range of choices- This can be an extra services which is greatly valued by Craziestprices shoppers. A potential consumer can check numerous products online hence allowing customers to buy the similar products at a more economical price.

About: Craziestprices is a new marketplace platform that offers the sellers sale products with a small transaction fee, also sellers can transfer their products from eBay without cost in just one click. For buyers Craziestprices offers a large catalog of products with weekly deals and most of them with free shipping. Every month Craziestprices add new variety of products and offers with very competitive prices. Also Craziestprices does not charge insertion fees and sellers can upload up to 1000 products for $0.01 cent and offering for new sellers that signup with Craziestprices before December 2% transaction fee lifetime.

Media Contact Information:

Carlos Kremmer- CEO,

New York – USA