What to Look for in Custom Picture Frames

Now that you have decided to go for custom picture frames, you should understand what to look for in these frames. The fact is that there are many designs and styles, it all depends on your personal preferences and the ability of the framer to bring it out neatly as expected. Here is what to look for in picture framing.


There is no doubt that you can only be assured of a broad spectrum of designs and styles by engaging an experienced framer. Not everyone with a nice website and a gallery of frames is competent enough to deliver quality frames. Experience in this case goes beyond the number of years one has been in the industry and stretches all the way to the number of prints or artworks framed. Such a framer is capable of identifying mistakes and possible areas to be avoided.


The quality of any frame is immensely dependent on the expertise of the framer and the materials used. There are some specialized tools that framers use that most starters don’t have but are ideal for crafting the best custom picture frames. These tools and techniques are developed over time and if coupled with the know-how, you can be assured of the best quality frames ever.


There are other credentials that may appear basic but they are very important and will determine the quality of the output in the long run. Not everyone understands what colors are ideal for which case. Styles also vary and so do the sizes, designs and proportions. Proper understanding of these factors is key in enabling the framer come up with good quality frames. There are things that you can obviously not determine by asking the right questions. Simply go through the available gallery and you will easily detect if the framer can seamlessly blend all these factors and come up with amazing frames for any type of artwork. Always remember, the designs and styles must be in harmony with your home’s interior design.


The beauty of picture framing is the ability to choose from a broad selection of current or custom frames. There is no frame that resembles the other; there is variety in the material used and craftsmanship used. It is true that some materials are not easy to come by and therefore you have to engage the services of someone who is capable of sourcing the best for his or her work. When you work with a quack your risk ending up with nice frames, yes, but made from poor quality materials.


You can never talk about quality without discussing protection of the artwork. It is common knowledge that art fades over time. Because of the light, your photos may turn yellow but that degree of this effect will depend on the material used. Ensure that materials used in all the components and specifically designed for the purpose. Insist on mat boards that are acid-free and the glazing has to be UV protected. You risk lowering the value of your artwork if this is not considered.


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