Hplus caters to emotional, mental, nutrition and other needs of elders with Dementia

Hplus, one of the most trusted UK based care home has opened its doors for Dementia patients with an aim to provide them complete care. We have been in this area for years and therefore have been trusted by our clients. Hplus has been a top most Dementia care home Windsor that primarily work on the fulfilling the demand of residents with the innovative and technology driven solutions.  Our staff members and nurses have been trained enough to make a positive difference in the life of such patients and give them a way to lead a happy, healthy and safe life. Our team members primarily focus on building professional and compassionate relations with the patients in order to understand their interests, hobbies, requirements and preference well.

Being the ideal Sunrise Care Home Berkshire for Dementia patients, we have designed our care house with the help of expert architects as to keep the indoor and outdoor environment sustainable. As Dementia patients feel difficulty in differentiating complex patterns and colors, therefore our house has been designed with similar patterns and very less reflected colors. We take pride in the services we offer to our care home residents and also provide customization of our services based on the specific needs of patients. The daily routine at our care home is well-defined and well-ordered so that there remains a peaceful and friendly environment around them. This routine helps the patients and staff to have a sense of consistency which is effective for the patients.


At our care home, each minute detail of patient is kept on track with the help of advanced software. We track the wake-up times, food, bathing, dressing, therapies, indoor activities, outdoor activities, medications and bed time. Doing this helps us build a path through which patients can easily orient themselves. We have employed the best chefs in our care home who have a devised knowledge of various nutrition elements and can prepare a homely and seasonal menu that can easily cater all the diets. These balanced meals cooked by our professional chefs are the milestone as nutrition serves the body requirements very well. We also let our residents participate in various bespoke activities which include entertainment, musical performances, games, animal therapies and music sessions.

About the care home

Hplus is a highly acclaimed care home which is designed to give proper care and support to Dementia patients. Our team of affectionate nurses and caregivers enrich the lives of elders and support them.

Contact : Hplus.care

Address: Larchfield House, Larchfield Road
Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 2SJ

Eamil Address: info@larchfieldcare.com

Phone: 0162 863 9428

Fax: 0162 863 5936