Whey Protein Hints – Three top picks you can pick

As a body builder or professional athlete, you know how important whey protein is. There are other protein powders you can buy, including casein and soy protein powders. However, like most people, you should first consider whey protein isolate. It is affordable, digestible and effective in the work it was made to do.

Containing all the nine necessary amino acids, whey protein is very complete. It is also ideal for people who are lactose-intolerant since it boasts low lactose content. But if you are going to use this item, ensure that it is just a supplement. It will be so ideal when used alongside serious resistance exercise, as it will boost production of more protein in your muscles. Needless to say, this protein powder will increase your lean tissue mass.

This type of protein consists of four things: immunoglobins, alpha-lactalbumin, bovine serum Albumin and beta-lactoglobulin. As for the types of whey powders, there are three options. Whey protein concentrate (WPC) is the first type and it has a small amount of fat and carbohydrates.  As a result, the percentage of protein content in WPC is based on how highly the product is concentrated.

The reality on the market is that some products are up to ninety percent concentrated and others are just thirty percent concentrated. The other type is the WPI, or whey protein isolate. This whey isolate the kind of product that does not contain any lactose or fat and has at least ninety percent protein. Last but not least is the WPH or Whey protein hydrolysate. It is a sort of product that has been through hydrolysis. The process helps the body to absorb protein easily.

Unlike the first two types, WPH is totally palatable. Added to medical protein supplements, WPH does not cause allergies.  A lot of benefits are associated with the consumption of whey products. First, they are used mainly by people who wish to lose weight. Studies have shown that consumers of these products gain more body fat than lean muscle. Thus, they preserve their lean muscle while dropping excess body fat. No wonder the products are popular in the body building supplements industry.

As for cancer treatment, the WPC form has been found to be effective in treating cancer in conjunction with glutathione. With regard to lowering cholesterol, a study posted in The British Journal of Nutrition found that whey is more effective in lowering bad cholesterol and total body cholesterol than casein. Those with asthma will find some relieve in whey protein. This is, particularly, if the product is given to little kids who have asthma.

The product also lowers high blood pressure and puts us in less danger of suffering a cardiovascular disease, stroke, and hypertension. As much as you need it for extra energy and stamina during exercise, this type of protein has all the benefits we have stated above. Whether you want whey isolate or the other two types we have discussed here, the benefits are real. Each will give you certain advantages. So be sure to read the product label when buying.

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