Triple Picture Frames: Their Benefits and Uses

The two most common picture frames are the double and triple frames. The later, especially, are loved by most people because they are not only efficient, but also very economical. Triple custom picture frames are ideal in various circumstances. Unlike common belief, they offer much more than holding photos of your triplets. Here are some real benefits and uses of these frames.


Top on the list is that they save on space and don’t clutter your home. Fitting three photos into a single frame allows one to hang and display more pictures on limited space. They can be in forms of hinged or wall frames. With an easel back, you can also use them to display pictures on a desktop. Hinged frames don’t require easel back and are ideal for use on narrow spaces such as mantles. The variety of pictures to combine in a single frame is not limited; all you have to do is get creative.


Family photos are the most common in any home. Irrespective of the number of household members, 3-in-1 frames can accommodate your family photos neatly. It stretches from grandparents to grandchildren. Use these picture frames to display your happy family on the mantle, table or desk with ease.


Landscape pictures are also very common in most homes and are best suited for the triple frames. Use them to bring out variety in your artwork. Stack each of the photos on top of each other or side by side for easy viewership and contrast. Pictures displayed on a row can also serve as a window pane to display a single continuous photo. This is especially ideal for landscape photos making it appear as if you are looking through the window and seeing eye-catching scenery outside.

You can also realize themed picture display of still photos. This strategy is ideal for weathered barns, old doors, lighthouses or wildflowers. If you would like to decorate your rooms better and at the same time neatly display your favorite artworks, then using triple custom picture frames is the way to go. Give the impression of someone with a unique taste for art.


Finally, use 3-in-1 frames for displaying galleries. Combine these frames with other styles such as double or collage frames to bring out a gallery-like look and feel on your walls. Using more than one type of frame of colors and styles that complement each other will result in a stylish gallery of sorts. Having discussed that, you must always remember that the quality of the picture will immensely depend on the frame. It is therefore important that you don’t buy the frames blindly. Take your time, talk to your framer about your requirements before ordering or buying. Ideally, go custom to ensure that everything you need is captured.


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