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Everybody these days wants their property to be sold at the best price. I was having a home in downtown, which rented for years. It was deteriorating day by day and becoming tough for me to manage and maintain it, from sitting at remote place. I decided to sell it off. It was a big house with huge 4 bedroom set with garden. My friends suggested me to do staging first and then go in for sale. Staging is basically not only cleaning your home, but redesigning your home for better presentation in a budget. Home staging is famous because it gives the purchaser an idea of how furniture and other things could be set in the home and the amount of space will be accessible when it’s outfitted. If the staging is done with perfection, it will enhance your property rate exponentially.

Mistakes to Avoid while doing staging

  • While doing staging we need to avoid certain mistakes, i.e we don’t need to put outdated decor, it will not appeal to the buyer.
  • Too many colours or patterns on the wall can give a horrible look.
  • Avoid dark and very big furniture as it will make your room look smaller.
  • Furniture which is not in good condition should be removed.

Steps taken while doing staging

While doing the staging you need to think like a buyer. They always want no pending work to be done, i.e. if they see that the home requires lots of maintenance or remodelling, they will just avoid purchasing it. Everybody wants to purchase the maintained property at an affordable price. Just before doing the staging, make a list of requirements. What needs to be changed? What needs to be maintained etc? We started exploring a home stager. My friend suggested me for Stagers choice. It is one the most well known companies in the field of staging.

The first and the foremost thing to do are cleaning your house inside and outside. They called cleaner service and started that. They suggested clearing all things which are not required like broken furniture etc. As it was quite an old house so a lot of things were required to either change or dispose off.

We selected some cool colours to paint all four Bedrooms and some bright colour for living room and dining area. White colour with blue strips was selected for outside areas. Whatever is required to be changed at the kitchen area and toilets simultaneously they did that. They changed the slab of kitchen and repainted the wardrobes etc., giving it a stylish look. In the kitchen they cleaned all windows so that proper light should come in. They cleaned chimney also.

They were quite creative while styling living room. We had sofas of white colour. They just cleaned that thoroughly and put some blue silk cloth on sofa borders to give a unique look. It was looking quite elegant with it. In the middle, they placed a mirror table with a white transparent vase, with blue and white flowers. They also filled the corners with a big vase having flowers of different colours at each corner with big glittering bushes painted in different colours.

In Bedrooms they just polished the beds and put some beautiful bed sheets with a strip of silk spread on footer side. A big wall painting of landscape of rising sun hung on the wall, just behind the bed. Curtains were a mix of white and blue, orange, green, golden in all the four bedrooms. They also put some aroma candles on side tables.

They cleared all bushes in the garden area and repainted all pots in three colours red, blue and greSale/en. It was looking awesome. They bought some tyres and painted in different colours and hanged it in the garden area with some hanging plants within that.

The whole house is looking stunning after that. I am so happy with creativity of Stagers choice(Home Staging Toronto). They really helped me to get a good price for my property.

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Home Staging Toronto

Home Staging Toronto

Toronto Home Staging

Toronto Home Staging