The Tastiest Wholesale Meat in Toronto

When days are down, there is no better pick-me-up than tasty, nutritious meat products. That is why businesses all over Toronto are searching for the perfect wholesale meat provider. Customers of local stores aren’t looking for mediocre products and their standards are high. This is why dozens of businesses all over Toronto are going to Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory ( The business has been running for nearly 90 years, so it’s no surprise that the products are of the highest possible quality.

For retailers and restaurants, one of the most important factors about the meat they sell is complying with the food regulations and making sure the meat comes from an ethical place. These are both issues that have largely been talked about in local areas, so the residents are passionate about making sure their meat comes from a good place. The meat from Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory is completely ethical and they make absolutely sure that all of the meat complies with the food regulations of Canada, making sure their customers get only the best meat.

Wholesale Meat

Wholesale Meat

There is a whole variety of different meats that a business may be interested in buying in. The products may be good not only for burger stands and similar small businesses, but also for cafes, businesses and corporate catering. The most important thing is that the meat is of high quality and is at affordable prices. The staff at Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory understand what makes meat appealing to retailers, which is why their fast and friendly services involves providing retailers with only the best quality meat at unbeatable prices. The products include hot dogs, sausages and even burgers.

About Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory is a business that has been up and running since 1927. Originally, they would service the local people of Toronto with European meat products, but by 1996 they changed their angle and decided to focus on the food service industry. Throughout all of the changes that were made, the business always kept their original recipes and methodology, making their meat the best in the whole of Toronto. The Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory’s products have been adored across Toronto for decades and they have earned the title of being the best business for wholesale meat.