The Magic Show Service That’s Blowing Toronto’s Mind

Magic has always been a focal point for many entertainers who perform at festivals, in malls and similar atmospheres, as it excites crowds with its ever-changing tricks and illusions. The magic community continues to grow, with adults and young children alike taking an interest and learning how to perform magic acts, or simply just following a group of performers. Magical Duda (, based in Toronto, have been performing for over fifteen years and have incredible talent in many areas of magic.

Many people, when thinking about magic, jump to circuses and stage shows, but these days there is a huge variety of ways to see magic – not just the old timer, so called ‘traditional’ ways. Why not take children to interactive live animal magic shows, or balloon sculpting classes? Who is to say people can’t host an evening cocktail event and have close up magic or an illusionist present rather than sticking a cabaret singer in a corner? Magical Duda is breaking free from tradition, offering all of these services and many more. They certainly are cutting-edge, exciting magicians.

Choosing the right type of performers for an event involving magic can be difficult at times. Who is the target audience? What would people rather see at the mall, furries or balloons? Magical Duda say: “Why not have everything?” Kids, generally speaking, love seeing bunnies popping out of hats, and a man wielding a balloon sword, or crafting a giraffe from green balloons rather than yellow. It’s fun and exciting for them, however maybe less so for adults. Magical Duda like to blur these boundaries by also offering close up magic shows that will entertain even the older people. They have the most variation in Toronto!

About Magical Duda Entertainment

Cory Clarke (stage name Magical Duda) and Ryan Moreau (stage name Flying Ryan) work full time, with Cody Clarke (stage name: Balloon Dude) to provide a wide array of magical entertainment services. They have over fifteen years experience in this industry and even work with professionally trained animals, such as bunnies and doves. They offer shows for all age groups and social events, having performed at schools, festivals, dinner parties and in shopping malls. They are guaranteed to have something for everyone! Magical Duda hold magic lessons not just for adults, but children seven years and over. They are undoubtedly the best entertainment service that Toronto has ever seen!