Hi tech estrogenex acts as an Estrogen blocker and SHBG activity inhibitor

There are ways to protect yourself from developing male breasts. First you need a product like hi tech estrogenex. A natural aromatase inhibitor, this product is a must-have if you need an estrogen blocker. And if you are not sure of whether you need the hi tech pharmaceutical estrogenex, have your testosterone levels tested now.


Estrogenex happens to be a nutritional supplement you can take without a doctor’s prescription. Made to normalize your hormone levels, this supplement offers a lot of health and anti-aging benefits.  It is also a formula that stops excess estrogen in males from causing bad effects such enlarged breasts, hair loss, lower libido, tiredness and fatigue among other issues. Acting as an irreversible aromatase inhibitor, this Hi Tech Phamarceutical product boosts your total testosterone while blocking estrogen production.

The main reason why you should not hesitate to take this supplement is so that you can remove or prevent gynecomastia. This is what we have hinted above and it is about growth of male breasts.  If you are on a hormone replacement therapy or about to begin it, then it is necessary to take a supplement like hi tech pharmaceutical estrogenex today to raise your testosterone levels.  Perhaps you are using anabolic steroids right now and soon you will take a break. When you do, it will be necessary to begin your post cycle therapy where taking an estrogen blocker will be a recommended.

The science behind estrogen blockers is simple. Testosterone hormone exists in the blood in an active/free or inactive state. When inactive, it means that the hormone is bound to either ***-hormone-binding-globulin or SHBG or albumin. And when testosterone is active or free, it can interact with cellular receptors directly and act. But when bound to SHBG, estrogen levels also increase. This is fine in the female body rather than the male body.  If SHBG and estrogen increase in a male body, the SHBG should be lowered so as to increase the amount of testosterone.

This is when aromatase inhibitors or estrogen blockers becomes imperative. If a man with less testosterone levels takes hi tech estrogenex, they will raise the levels and protect themselves from the side effects of increased estrogen. As plasma proteins that bind into testosterone are removed, this hormone is freed in order to become active in the body.  If the levels continue to rise in the body, they create an anti-glucocorticoid effect that produces an anti-catabolic effect. As well, high amounts of testosterone results in bigger concentrations of IGF-1 and IGF-1 receptor sites.

Back to the main estrogen blocker being discussed in this article, it was made by mixing SHBG inhibitors and aromatase inhibitors.  The main ingredients in it are chrysin and coumesterol. When it comes to working mechanism this product does not use androgenic or estrogenic actions directly.  Before hi tech pharmaceutical estrogenex was created, chrysin was the main ingredient that was used as an aromatase inhibitor. But sicne it was absorbed poorly, coumesterol was introduced. The main delivery system used is Extend-RX and the product is used to block estrogen and SHBG.

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