Commercial Refrigerators Industrial Value in Asia Pacific to Reach US$38.83 bn

supermarket-949912_1920Commercial refrigerators are developed to meet the demands of commercial applications. Unlike to domestic applications, commercial refrigerators are high-performing and rugged in design. These refrigerators and freezers are designed such as that they can store large quantity of goods for long period of time as compared to domestic refrigerators. These refrigerators and freezers are available in wide range of storage temperature and capacity, to meet multiple end-use need.

Booming Food and Retail Industry in Asia Pacific Holds Promise for Commercial Refrigerators Sales

The booming food and retail industry in Asia Pacific is fuelling demand for refrigerators with innovative design. Unlike the refrigerators used in domestic applications, the ones used for commercial purposes have a high storage capacity and an expansive operating temperature suitable for a plethora of product types.

Trends of Commercial Refrigerators in China:

The growth witnessed in the Asia Pacific retail industry is also attributed to the increasing consumption of packaged food and beverages. “Due to the hectic lifestyle of consumers and their increasing willingness to pay for convenience food, the demand for packaged food and beverages is expected to surge exponentially in the near future,” said a TMR analyst. This is a primary factor driving the market for commercial refrigerators in Asia Pacific. “Furthermore, the increasing number of supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants will substantially bolster sales of commercial refrigerators in Asia Pacific,” he added.

Besides this, the importance of energy efficiency in commercial and consumer appliances has considerably increased in the last few years. The rising awareness about green appliances has paved the way for the advent of eco-friendly commercial refrigerators.

High Prices Discourage Deployment of Commercial Refrigerators across Small Retail Outlets

Contrary to this, the high cost procurement and maintenance costs of commercial refrigerators are hindering the growth of the market to an extent. Due to their high price, small retailers tend to look for more affordable alternatives. This limits the sales of commercial refrigerators to smaller establishments such as cafes and local retailers. In addition, the availability of alternate packaging solutions such as temperature-control packaging is hindering the sales of commercial refrigerators in Asia Pacific.

Advent of Smart and Solar Commercial Refrigerators Presents a Fresh Opportunity

Dramatic changes have been witnessed in commercial appliances over the last few years. The high energy consumption of these appliances has led to the introduction of smart and solar powered commercial refrigerators. With leading name brands venturing into the development and manufacturing of solar-based commercial refrigerators, the market witnesses lucrative prospects to gain from in the near future.