Charity Dine offers the best Miami Restaurant Deals in South Florida

If Miami is where you love to dine out then you’ve got to grab some super-savings restaurant certificates from and make no delay about it because these coupons sell like hot cakes and are not easily available for latecomers. This is not at all surprising given how high quality the food and services are at these restaurants. And of course, the higher the quality, the more expensive will it be for people on a tight budget to dine at these places. Hence they look for such opportunities as we produce, to get discount coupons that can bring down their restaurant bills significantly. Miami is where we specialize in but our influence spreads across the whole of southern Florida, so you can buy from us restaurant certificates to dine at various eateries all across South Florida and not just in Miami alone.


Meal Deals that You Can’t Miss

We at Charity Dine offer you the most incredible Miami restaurant deals in the whole of South Florida. We have partnered with various fabulous eateries to provide restaurant coupons that can be bought at 50-60% off their face value from our website. And each coupon purchase price includes a 15-20% portion that is eventually given to a charity of your choice, as selected from the affiliated charities list on our website. This gives the whole transaction a very noble touch, apart from giving you all the savings you want!

The beauty of these Miami restaurant deals is incredible. All parties involved get benefitted by it, from the customers and restaurants to the charities and us. We had come up with this entire South Florida restaurant deals plan and it has till now benefitted thousands of people who have been associated with us. We are very proud of that and continue to collaborate with more and more restaurants in South Florida to add more value to the idea of dining out.

About the Company Charity Dine was founded on the principal belief that by providing people with savings, we could provide the incentive for consumers to make purchases that will help great causes in need. It is our belief that every individual has a cause that they would love to contribute to in some way, but in many cases has not found an effective or economic way to convey their assistance.

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