Astec.INC Announced for Carbon Steel Sheets

For Immediate Release

High and Low Carbon Steel Sheets Plates of Appropriate Grades.

August 3, 2016
Mumbai, India.

As one of the leading suppliers, distributor and stockholders of Stainless Steel in Mumbai Astec.INC is now pleased to announce the launch of Carbon Steel Sheets Plates formed by the combination of Iron and Carbon. As the use and popularity of stainless steel is on rampant many people cannot afford it due to its high price and bad conductor of heat. Taking concern of its high price the company introduce versatile and cost-effective carbon steel sheets the common form of steel. Which can easy to cut, weld and modified to give best result according to requirements.

The company deals in two Main Category of Carbon Steel .i.e.

Low Carbon Steel – these type of steel is malleable and ductile. The carbon contain in steel is about 0.05% – 0.25%. Applications such as car body panels, nuts and bolts, food cans, metal chains, wire rope, engine parts, bicycle rims, nails &screw are made up of low carbon steel.

High Carbon Steel – these types of steel is good conductor of heat and it’s very strong. Carbon contain in steel is 0.30% – 1.70% by weight. All types of springs, railway rails, forging dies, hammer, saws, knives, axes, high tensile wires, drills, wood & metal cutting tools, ball bearings etc. are produce by high carbon steel.

Generally the high carbon steel is brittle and less ductile therefore it’s difficult to give desire shape and weld according to requirements. Whereas low carbon steel is malleable and ductile which can be easily welded into different shapes. The company holds strong inventory of low and high carbon steel plates and Non Structural steel plates to deliver different sectors of Industries at very competitive rates.

About Astec INC.

Astec INC stainless steel merchants in Mumbai the company since 1998 and reliable stainless steel sheets/plates delivering best products and services to diverse sector of industries worldwide. Astec INC is also the proud member of various renowned agencies like chamber of commerce including MASSMA, EEPC, FICCI, FIEO, and INDIAN MERCHANTS CHAMBER etc. Holding large stocks of SS Plates, SS Coils & SS Strips, Carbon steel sheets and plates with extensive product line up, and supplying or exporting all major grades of Carbon Steel sheets/plates/coils.

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