What Services Should You Expect to Find at A&A Office systems?

There is a growing demand for data centers these days, especially among organizations that want to manage their documents and data across multiple formats. A&A Office Systems provide useful solutions that enable you to manage your documents in an efficient manner. Barry Sullivan, the VP of A&A, is in charge of making sure customers are satisfied with the services they receive.

Most organizations are reluctant to the idea of paperless offices. Although business owners are aware of the importance of having their information stored and saved in digital format, they still print this information and save it in traditional files. A&A Office Systems is a successful company, one that wants to take things further. Its VP, Barry Sullivan, is no longer willing to deliver only traditional copier equipment, infrastructure and associated supplies. To extend the company he purchased RECOL, a data center service provider. What did the VP have in mind when he made this acquisition?

To begin with, A&A Office Systems was falling behind its competitors and it was losing customers. It needed something to regain visibility in the office technology services market. By purchasing the data center they now have the possibility to support businesses, municipalities, law firms and other companies. It is needless to say that this purchase also increased the revenue of the company by about 10 percent. This does not mean that A&A no longer provides copier and document management services. It just means that it integrates these solutions so that they become part of a complex strategy that will take the company to the next level.

According to Barry Sullivan, the company he manages focuses on following documents through their lifecycles. Nowadays data centers play an essential role when it comes to document sharing and storage. Although most organizations still make use of traditional copiers, they do not dislike the idea of installing efficient software solutions that are designed to complement their copiers. The role of the data center is to facilitate that and to deliver an impressive range of cloud services such as hosting, co-location, disaster recovery, SaaS and remote enterprise content management.

In other words, A&A is no longer limited to offering only managed print services, remote monitoring and security solutions and it has expanded its field of activity in order to attract a larger number of companies. The truth is that companies need to keep up with technology and offer their customers what they need in order to be successful. If your customers are not satisfied with what you have to offer, they will start looking for another provider, one that is able to cater to their requirements. Companies that want to survive and thrive in this always changing business environment should be willing to make changes and to adapt.


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