Where does that leave FIFA 17 UT?

While it’s a nice way of trying out players without the patience required to normally acquire them in Ultimate Team, the three-match limit means the draft lacks the depth to make it little more than a mildly amusing novelty. So, I’m sure the very perceptive among you have figured out how disappointed I am with Fifa Coins for sale . EA has turned the best football series on the App Store into a game about menus with the occasional basic ball-kicking. You’ll spend much more time going through badly-designed and unnecessarily complicated menus than playing football.

Where does that leave FIFA 17 UT? Well, if you want to play a CCG, there are much better CCGs out there than this clearly Pay-to-Win game. If you want to manage and build a team, you can go with PES Club Manager instead since its interface is much better and the whole team performance depends on attributes rather than chemistry.