A&A Office Systems- Smart Document Management

There are companies that simply refuse to give up and A&A Office Systems is one of them. Despite its long history of selling printers and copiers, A&A has embraced change and it purchased a digital data center thanks to its vice president, Barry Sullivan.


A&A Office Systems continues to surprise us. Since digital offices seem to be the latest craze these days, the management at A&A decided to offer its customers the possibility to manage documents and data in various formats. This has become possible thanks to the recent acquisition of RECOL. At present A&A enjoys numerous new opportunities and it looks like things will not stop here. You should not consider that this company has abandoned the document management market.

It just decided to do things differently and to follow the document through its lifecycle, every step of the way. We must admit that this is a wonderful idea and customers seem to love it. After all, there is an increased demand for digital documents these days and data centers play a vital role when it comes to document sharing and storage. Cloud services offered by A&A Office Systems have caught the attention of numerous customers that are interested in digitizing their business.

A&A has been on the market since 1961 and nowadays it has transitioned to digital with Cloudsmart. This is an excellent idea and it belongs to Barry Sullivan, the vice president at A&A. He is the one who recognized the need for change within the organization and took the necessary steps to ensure that his company will thrive. He decided to purchase an efficient date centre and to offer acquired solutions to its current customers. This investment paid off and people are still talking about it. Change is vital in the business environment and the sooner you acknowledge that the better.

These days business owners have two possibilities: they can either keep things as they are and refuse to keep up with innovation and technology, which is bad for their business or they can choose to take things to the next level and to embrace technology. Technology is not something we should be afraid of; on the contrary. Its role is to simplify things for us, to help us streamline our business operations and Barry Sullivan knows this. For this reason he made it his primary goal to purchase RECOL. He knew that this purchase would bring numerous advantages for his company and he wanted to take things to the next level.

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