A small donation can take a smile on a adventure of a lifetime!


Life is measured in unique moments and experiences but not all of us can afford a chance at them. For hospitalized children, technology may be the only way for them to discover the world. Our campaign aims to provide some of these experiences to children in the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.
Our hospital is a nonprofit institution that services over 111,000 children each year. With your help, the ones that need it the most can have a part of what was robbed of them by sheer luck and circumstance.
Fighting a hard illness is a depressing ordeal for everyone. Staying positive and confident can make a big difference. Bringing the outside world in a hospital room can have that effect and we believe the strength of youth with a boost of confidence can overcome anything. Whether the result is optimism for the future, a peace of mind, a final wish granted, or just a fleeting joy, our program can be a kindness that we’re all proud of.
Imagine a room where hospitalized children, maybe weak or with low mobility, can experience the jungle, the bottom of the ocean, the top of a mountain and more. The beauty of planet earth and human culture is too large to fit in one lifetime, but we can provide a piece of it for children that have no other way of seeing it. Seeing what life has to offer can provide the contentment or the resolve that is so vital in these trying moments.
Using 360 degree camera technology, advanced live broadcasting and a dedicated staff of qualified people, we can make this a reality. It’s an ambitious but well-within our abilities project and we hope you feel it’s a worthy one. When we’re at the limits of what humans can achieve medically, we can use the fruits of science and technology where it matters: to provide happiness, comfort, joy by delighting the senses with unique sounds and images.
Consider contributing to our campaign. Any amount of help is important. The feeling that you provided comfort and strength to a child that needs it more than anything is a priceless thing. You will be bringing a smile of hope to sick children, help their parents cope with their enormous efforts and inspire us to keep going.

Funding Page: www.gofundme.com/endless-smiles