Which is right – shot blasting Linlithgow or sand blasting Linlithgow?

Classic cars are a sight to behold, aren’t they? If you have one then you surely take your car out not just to keep it in running condition, but also to show your pride as the owner of the vehicle. However, in order to get everyone taking a second look at your car as you take it out, it has to be in top condition. For the maintenance and repair of your classic car, you cannot go to any mechanic that you fancy. There are specialized mechanics who handle the cleaning classic cars and restoring their original look. Usually, there are two ways this is achieved – through shot blasting Linlithgow and sand blasting Linlithgow.

If you are not sure about the difference between shot blasting Linlithgow and sand blasting Linlithgow, then it is important that you find out about them.

Both these processes involve removing the impurities from the surface of your vehicle. This is done to prepare the surface for the repair and maintenance work. There are various elements that are considered for these processes – mass, velocity, the shape of the particle, the angle at which the particle hits the surface and coverage and density. There is really no need for you to get into the technical details of these processes but if you want to, there is plenty of information available online that you can go through.

The main difference between shot blasting Linlithgow and sand blasting Linlithgow is that in the former process, throwing wheel is used and in the latter process, compressed air is used. The high velocity of the particles (air or otherwise) removes the impurities from the surface. Once this part of the job is done, the actual surface is then treated accordingly.

To get into more details, shot blasting Linlithgow is a process where a turbine is used to accelerate the abrasive. The turbine turns at high speed in a steel housing. The steel housing is separated with a lateral hole. Sand blasting Linlithgow, on the other hand, is where the abrasives get accelerated by steam generated by compressed air that comes out through a leakage from a blasting nozzle. In addition, this process may also involve the use of sand or some other element with sharp edges for chiselling out the particles from the surface of your vehicle. In certain cases, a chipping hammer may also be used.

The big question here is – should shot blasting be used on your vehicle surface or should you opt for sand blasting? Since we are talking about the experts here, it is best to leave the decision to them. These experts deal with classic cars day in and day out and they would be able to make the right decision and also explain why they would have taken the decision.

Whether shot blasting Linlithgow is done for your vehicle or sand blasting Linlithgow, the result is going to be great. But this is provided you choose the right person for the job. Since this is a specialized job, finding an expert is important but shouldn’t be a challenge.

Resource Box: There are two ways your classic car can be cleaned and restored – shot blasting Linlithgow and sand blasting Linlithgow.