when they can be bothered to compete Rs Gold

In this sense, prison servers aren’t so much giving you a “prison” experience as, well, a sort of savagely objectivist one. Prison servers present a world where the richest wield essentially unlimited power and everyone else strives to join their ranks. This is reinforced not only by the in-game mechanics of the mines, but also by the donator structure that makes it essentially impossible to advance and compete without opening up your wallet.Prison servers remind me a lot of the heady early days of Ultima Online or Rs Gold , where you could pretty much expect someone more powerful to come along and take your stuff—but it is interesting that prison servers have stripped away all of the trappings of the genre and reduced the formula to its constituent parts. I mean, sure, all you’re doing in most competitive MMOs is grinding followed by fighting, but the visual and procedural gloss that we place over those actions are what keeps us playing. Prison servers have done away with all that pretence.