5 ****** mistake bisexual women should avoid

Are you having a hard time ******?

Do you meet a lot interesting people, from both sexes, but fail to make a connection with any one of them?

Well, if so, you are likely to making 5 common ****** mistakes that quite a few bisexual females make, much to their disadvantage.

What are these mistakes? Well, take a look yourself and make amends to enjoy the love life that you deserve.

  1. Going with a Checklist

The thing with a checklist is that you might have it but you shouldn’t take it too seriously, at least not when you are still in the ‘let’s get to know each other’ stage.

Most of the times checklists contain contradictory qualities, for example, ‘laidback’ below ‘passionate and full of energy’. And often the list contains so many qualities that probability of finding a person having all or most of those qualities is almost zero.

What’s more, life works in a funny way. More often the person with whom you hit off most is a lot different, if not poles apart, from your notion of a great partner.

  1. Hiding the fact you are bisexual

True many straight men or women have a lot of misconceptions about bisexuality, and some even think there’s no such thing.

There’s nothing you can’t do about such people. To ignore them is the best policy. There are many rational people out there who are interested in ****** bisexual women like you.

  1. Having a fixed agenda when you date

Many bisexual women approach ****** with an agenda and that works against them. They reject every man or woman who doesn’t look like their Mr. or Ms. Right, without giving themselves a fair chance to know the other person. What they fail to understand that a date is just a date, not an occasion to select a long-term partner. Be relaxed and have fun, and you will enjoy your date so much more, and give yourself a better chance to connect with interesting people.

  1. Living up to the stereotype image, even if that’s not you

Many think bisexuals are *** crazy people. For some bisexual women, *** is the most important thing in a relationship. But that’s true in case of straight woman also.

When you are ****** someone, you must remain you. If you partner thinks that all bisexuals are obsessed with *** and you are not that kind of person, set the record straight. You don’t have to play along with his or her fantasy if you don’t want to.

  1. Try too hard

Trying too hard to please someone rarely works, especially if the other person is not some kind of a freak. Relax and be yourself when you go out on a date. And, no, there’s nothing wrong with you if lately none of your recent dates has shown an interest to hook up with you again. It probably means that you are not meeting the right people. Taking your search online will be probably a good idea. There are many bisexual women seeking couples online or bi men or straight men and women online who are interested in meeting an attractive bisexual women like you.