Follow the launch of a global Co-operative/ Peer-Peer Financial platform for Participants all around the Globe.

MMMUnited – MMM United, a Social Financial Community, is set to unveil a World Wide Mutual Aid Fund that will re-unite former participants of the defunct MMM Global. Against the backdrop of the crash of MMM Global, MMM United is a distinct platform coming out strong to ensure that participants around the globe form an Independent Global Structure of MMM while maintaining the Ideology of getting and receiving help.

The reunion of MMM participants all around the world is one of the core purposes for the launch of MMM United. The MMM United platform is set to maintain the ideology of reciprocity where people around the world not minding their region, race and continent will not be restricted by foreign exchange, but a swift peer to peer contributive system. The formation of MMM United is a cogent and timely response to the teeming expectations of the International Community of Mavrodians looking for a reliable and stable system with a promising future.
The project is a new and budding one that will be operated independently and expressly on its own. Though invigorating the already existing concept of MMM, MMM United is coming up as an independent worldwide combined force of MMM participants around the world. In essence, it will be operated as a separate entity distinct from Sergey Mavrodi’s version of MMM. The idea of making MMM United a distinct entity away from the already existing MMM is receiving accolades from various leaders and pioneers from various countries where MMM is operational.
MMM United is poised to assuring its potential participants a 100% return on every amount provided on the platform with other benefits, bringing into fruition the long waited expectations of participants. The sole method of transaction will be the Bitcoin as it is now becoming a global means of exchange, hence, ensuring a hitch free exchange process amongst participants. MMM United will be launching in August with registration taking place simultaneously for intending participants. To keep tabs with MMM United, intending participants can access this link

ABOUT MMM UNITED: MMM United is a Social Financial Community and a World Wide Mutual Aid Fund. Its inspiration is gotten from the works of Sergey Mavrodi who initiated the ideology that currently drives the MMM community. Its goal is to unite global leadership that can erect an ideal system that will fulfill the ever teeming needs of financial freedom and emancipation of people around the globe.