Runescape Month Ahead August 2016

This month is all about extreme
challenges, as we venture back into the Wilderness for a selection
of brand new activities including a super risky achievement diary.
Also, it’s time to dust off our skilling outfits in search of the
highly elusive skilling pets. Of course, if you just want to kick
back this summer and catch some rays, then head to the Beach!
Wilderness Activities The runescapegoldfast rs Gold  activities being launched this
month are epic. Even if you’re not an avid PK’er, there’s
something just right for you in one of the biggest updates we’ve
ever attempted for these dark and twisted lands. If you’re into
Divination, we’ve turned the Sword of Edicts spot to a giant
Divination spot, able to create energy of any type depending on
your level.