Sam is ready to reward you with Cheap Rs Gold

Sam is ready to reward you with +15% Cooking XP when you fire up one of the celebratory barbeques that he’s lined up in the party area. His stall will also have some unique items up for you to get your hands on, including Liber Tea and toy kites.

Vic the Trader is here!

Get yourself over to the usual spot south of the Burthorpe lodestone and look out for the man with the mad moustache –Cheap Rs Gold .

RuneScape members can trade Bonus XP with Vic until 11th July for credits. Credits can be exchanged at Vic’s store until 18th July at 00:00 at UTC for a variety of goods, including the Rune Ethereal Divination skilling outfit, Fletching and Nimble outfits, Starborn Diamonds to make parts of the Starfire Outfit and some seasonal summer-themed cosmetics and emotes from previous years.