MBA Admissions: How To Stand Out

In spite of its recent inception, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Hyderabad, witnessed a big number of aspirants turn up for its admission process. However, not all of these aspirants made it to the prestigious MBA college in Hyderabad. Those who have made it to the MBA at SIBM Hyderabad, now have the opportunity to learn under expert faculty and make the most of their state of the art infrastructure. For those who have not, there is always better luck next time.

In any MBA program, including the one at SIBM Hyderabad, the admission interview is crucial. For an applicant, at this stage, the sole focus should be on being able to stand out. Every hour the admissions committee interviews many students and if you want to get into a prestigious college like SIBM, it is important that you leave an impression on the panel interviewing you.

Basically, what we are trying to tell you is the secret to crack an admissions interview. What you need and what you don’t need, know it all so that when you sit for an MBA interview, you know just the right answers to give. Through the MBA in Symbiosis, students are given the chance to learn about the nuances of the corporate career. The training prepares them well for their role as future managers. Of course, this translates to better career opportunities that reward them well!

Here is what you need to do in order to ensure that you are able to stand out during your MBA admissions interview:

Know the program well: If you are applying to the MBA program at SIBM Hyderabad, it is very important to know everything about the program. This will simply help you establish that you have decided wisely after being aware of all details instead of randomly following the mob. Not just the MBA in Symbiosis, this rule applies to MBA admission interviews, anywhere. Therefore, it is always a good idea to research about the program well before you sit for an MBA interview.

Recommendation letters are also important: If you are approaching the MBA program after acquiring a work experience, showing it would be a good idea. Make sure your recommendation letters are well represented in the interview. Additionally, try to get recommendation letters that rightfully acknowledge your strength as well as skills. If you get the letter from a top authority, the weight it adds is even more.

Confidence is the key: Right from the statement of purpose to the assignments given to you as part of the MBA admission interview, you need to exhibit the confidence that the panel is looking for. As a manager, you are expected to take up challenging roles very confidently. While interviewing you, the panel will also be looking for sparks of similar ability.

Honesty is the best policy ever: Don’t harp on skills that you don’t possess because lying will only get you into bigger trouble. Even when you don’t know answers, accept it politely and the panel will be happy to move on. But, if you lie, you will end up ruining your chances of entering the top notch B schools like SIBM Hyderabad in India.

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