It was a little bit of Icarus Gold

It was a little bit of my fault I lost marks and taming points attempting to tame something crawling with players, but it was also that guy’s fault for running over and trying to kill a mob I was clearly trying to tame for a bit. I was killing hostile adds around it, lowered it’s HP, hopped on it’s back, and was on it’s back for about Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold, then the guy shows up to kill it…..of course it was a jerk move, I’m not refuting that (especially since it wasn’t a Heroic, it wasn’t like it was going to be an hour til respawn, he just needed to wait 10-15 mins), but again…I had a feeling that there could be a possibility that might happen, I should’ve been patient and waited for a better opportunity to tame the mount.