Top Dog Training and Resort Offers Something Different in Chapel Hill Obedience Training

Hillsborough, North Carolina – Top Dog Training and Resort offers clients something different in Chapel Hill obedience training for their K9 friends. They understand the unique qualities that set dogs apart and focus on providing the activities that each will find both mentally and physically challenging. The professionals at Top Dog always chaperone your dog during training and when the dog is sleeping during in-board training. Through positive reinforcement, the dog becomes more obedient and has a good time learning his lessons.

Dogs differ in their energy and habits, sometime creating stress for their owners. It is extremely difficult to find the time to work with pets and owners don’t always know the best approach to take. The Chapel Hill obedience training dogs get at Top Dog Training and Resort ( lets dogs get the exercise they need to get them into a calmer state and to make them better behaved when they are at home. A tired dog is a better behaved dog and a pet that is a whole lot happier. Many clients have discovered the well-behaved dog that was hiding in their dog and have found that poor behavior is something that can be changed with the right approach.

The Chapel Hill obedience training is available during the week or as an in-board for a three-week period. Different training theories are used to optimize the dog’s skills and the owners also receive support throughout the stages of training. The training consists of exercise, fun training games, and structure that combine to create a challenging learning environment that will optimize the pet’s skills.

Top Dog Training and Resort offers training and fitness, boarding, and grooming to provide everything pet owners need for a healthy, happy, well-behaved pet. Unlike other dog trainers, the pets at Top Dog don’t get the same treatment regardless of their needs. A one-size-fits-all approach is the biggest reason dog training fails. Providing the activities that are right for your dog is what sets Top Dog apart from any other training facility that offers Chapel Hill obedience training.

About Top Dog Training and Resort

Top Dog Training and Resort ( is a day school and resort for dogs. The resort uses structured and challenging activities that are overseen by professionals to help keep dogs focused. School is offered Monday through Friday and in-board training for three weeks at the facility is an option for dogs that need a little extra training. Top Dog offers a caring and fun environment where dogs enjoy their learning experience. The qualities that make each dog unique are taken into consideration in creating activities that will optimize each dog’s potential.