His frequent collaborator for Cheap Runescape Gold

His frequent collaborator Jay-Z recently and expand his empire beyond the world of music, clothing and footwear. As it turns out, the brand Kanye and soon the world is entering the game, and well.West recently appeared in the club radio breakfast (video above) to talk about music, Cheap Runescape Gold  and its new line of sport shoes.

despite the fact that a very small percentage of issuing this already looks scene.We’ve celebrity Lindsay Lohan (who recently has been feuding with the rock) executes Minor deal loaded into the scene of mobile games. Kanye own wife Kim, and only pulled in more than $ 85 million of its mobile gaming, so Kanye certainly saw the possibility of immediate profit. Compared with the Olympic light and superficial publicly issued by Lohan and Kardashian, a source of inspiration for the game West seems to be very serious, or is it just an opportunity to pull a few million dollars. Kanye wrote many songs for his mother and got very close relationship with the song her.The also has a very nice music video, directed by Spike Jonze pull inspiration.