Complete Services TODAY

Setting our Sights on a Better Service to Clients

Complete Services implementing the new technology and bringing innovative ideas to clients to add value and maximize our potential.

1. Implementing a computer based inspection program to conduct to ensure that specifications are being met or exceeded.

2. Investing in award winning software to accomplish our management goals through streamlined timekeeping, budget analysis, inventory and work loading.

3. Staying current on the newest trends and technological advancements in major equipment. boosting productivity for floor maintenance and carpet care with battery operated machines.

4. Enriching our employees through continuing education to achieve the best practices, ensuring that our staff is using the newest and most effective methods of cleaning and sanitation to enhance our services.

5. Using environment friendly products and methods in all of our operations.


Upcoming Training

Complete Services is arranging for WSQ Environmental Cleaning Training  for more than 30 Cleaners this month in compliance with the NEA Business Licence Regulations.


Tip of the Month

How to Pick an Office Building Cleaning Service

Choose an office cleaning service that can demonstrate it has experience cleaning office buildings and that it has proper client references. Check that the company has proof of insurance and be sure to read the contract carefully to see what services are included, and at what price. Clients with small work spaces might need only light office building cleaning, while large ones might need a team of office cleaners. Clients should ask if office supplies are included in the cleaning services. Office cleaning methods, and the kinds of office cleaner products the service uses, should be discussed, especially if green cleaning methods are preferred. Sometimes cleaners with strong chemicals can be irritating to breathe.

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