Cititel began offering medical answering services

Medical Answering Services personalized to your needs. Cititel Answering Services a Canadian leading answering service provider began offering medical answering services to doctors’ offices, clinics and hospitals across Canada and the United States.

How a Medical Answering Service Works!

All of your lines are busy, the office is closed, your nursing staff can’t get to the phone or you have a limited ability to constantly have a local employee sitting at the front desk. Whatever your reason may be it’s likely that you still require calls for the doctor or nurse to be handled by a live receptionist. Something as easy as activating your call forwarding service allows your callers to instantly appreciate live customer service 24 hours a day.

A patient or healthcare professional dials your number and is forwarded to Cititel’s live operator. Using highly advanced call center software, Cititel will answer that phone call in the name of your healthcare practice. The person speaks with the live receptionist just as though they were your own receptionist or nurse. Our live operator ask a series of questions which are layered according to the callers questions and answers. Upon completing the call the system compares it against the doctor’s protocol for each message and it is then delivered according to the instructions of the hospital or doctors input.
Messages can be sent to multiple email addresses, text to cell phones or even accessed anytime by web based applications.

If you want to find the best medical answering service pricing, come to Cititel Answering Services. We offer flat rate services at very affordable rates. Call now 1.888.923.2533, visit our website at or send us an email at