Reliable, flexible and cost effective telephone answering service

Sales calls are the lifeblood of your business. What’s the point in spending money on marketing or any other aspect of your business if you’re not going to make yourself accessible to your clients? Although a lot of business and sales are now done online, there are still plenty of people who prefer to use the phone.

Never miss a call again with our telephone answering service.

When a client or potential customer calls any of your numbers, your personalized script will flash up on our receptionist’s screen, enabling them to answer the phone in your company name and capture the information you require

• Their name
• Their company name
• Their contact number
• A brief reason for their call

This information is immediately sent across to your specified email address and can also be sent by text message if preferred.

Who we are?

Cititel is one of the leading companies in the answering service industry. For 25 Years Cititel Answering Services has been providing answering service solutions to a variety of business throughout Canada and the United States. A Courteous’ dedication and proven skill in the industry has made Cititel Answering Services one of the leading answering service providers in the telecommunication industry.

Our Courteous’ staff is made up of a skilled group of virtual office receptionists that provide call center services 24 hours a day. From answering phone lines for busy hospitals to dispatching emergency calls, there is no business too big or small we cannot assist. Our telephone agents act as an extension of your office, and can provide 24-hour accessibility for your business.

25 years of proven superiority in the answering service industry

With 25 years of proven superiority in the answering service industry, you can count on Cititel Answering Services to help your business flourish. We look forward to becoming part of your team and welcoming you into our family.

Our Services

We Provide 24/7 Live Customer Service That helps your business increase revenue, lower costs, provide better customer care and maximize every opportunity. Our full range of answering services and virtual receptionist services includes:

Answering Services for Small Businesses
Answering Services for Business Consultants
Answering Services for Real Estate Companies
Answering Services for Real Estate Agents
Answering Services for Realtors
Answering Services for Property Management Companies
Answering Services for Insurance Brokers
Answering Services for Attorneys & Lawyers
Answering Services for Doctors and Physicians
Answering Services for Healthcare Organizations
Answering Services for the Oil & Gas Industry
Answering Services for towing companies
Answering Services for security companies
Answering Services for travel agencies

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