Most recent Magento Web Design trends

In today’s era of online Business world, it’s really a big competition in the market. Every minute a new online store is emerging. You need to be in the front row not in the last row. You always want to be a leader, and for that you need to be smart business personnel. If you want that your E -Business should excel, you need to track latest Magento designs.
These days’ online buyers are more concern about the presentation, simple navigation, functionality and excellent user experience. The Website should be attractive with all features like image, video, info graphics etc. It should have a wonderful colour scheme which should go with the business theme. Magento is the best answer for the Ecommerce Web stores.

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Everybody these days wants to follow a latest trend design. Today we will discuss about latest trends of Magento Web Design. Magento is a big name for online stores across the globe.

Let’s have a glance at latest Magento design trends.

• Large back ground/Full screen background image/Slider- Large pictures are becoming today’s trend, as it attracts the visitor for special or specific product. It fascinates user and motivate them to further explore the website. Full-screen background image sliders are quite impressive when we are dealing with a lot of features to attract the customer.
• Flat UI/design – Flat designs are quite popular these days. It gives a style and 2d, 3d effect with simple and excellent elements, colours and typography. Interface design becomes more effective and streamlined with flat design. It is considered to be standard for responsive sites or for mobile applications. It suffices the main aim of designer by emphasizing on usability.
• Card-like layouts- This layout is quite famous among the social sites and now it is booming in web designing. They arrange data in slick, little boxes, granting to any site a spotless, moderate look. Card layouts are stylishly satisfying, as well as extremely valuable as they work flawlessly on any kind of device. Navigation is simplified and user experience is improved by using card format. It’s quite eye catching.
• Use of storytelling- We all know we are always fascinated by a well defined story. Similarly a great design is always having a story which can impress the clients or customers. We should always create a design, which should connect the user. Whatever we design should flow like a story.
• Parallax scrolling effect-it is quite famous and in trend from long time for mobile devices. Scrolling became quite common. It gives a better viewing of long pages.
• Hovers Effect- It gives a tremendous effect and impression while users do mouse over on any content. It is used to highlight the major page elements and augment its visual effect. It is usually implemented in products blocks or anywhere we want to emphasize.
• Animated effect- To provide an excellent experience and visual effect, it is a latest trend used to attract the visitor. In the industry like fashion, giving an animated effect enhances the virtual effect. Let’s take an example of any garment business; if we display the designs in animated form giving various views definitely it will impress the target audience.
• Dynamic Product search- When you are having a large product collection, dynamic search is best suited to it. While you are typing it in the search box, it gives frequent results. It gives search result on each character we type in.
• Magnificent typography- It is an art and also plays an important role in theme and tone setting of website. It requires creativity and right observation while selecting typefaces, colour, point size etc. while designing.
• Hidden Menus- If you really don’t want to waste space, it is the best way to avoid clutter on the page.

Magento has lot many things in its pocket for designs. It provides a successful way to ecommerce websites with its tremendous and mesmerising designs.


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