Mixed Tocopherols Market : Market Overview ,Insights ,Research ,Forecast 2013-2019

Mixed TocopherolsTocopherols are a class of vitamin E compounds, which can be sourced naturally from vegetable oils, fish, nuts, and green leafy vegetables. As a generic nomenclature, tocopherol is commonly called vitamin E, as vitamin E substances are composed of tocopherol and similar compounds. For normal functioning of the human body, the nutritional value of vitamin E and its significance as a part of everyday diet are well documented.

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Natural tocopherols are present as a homologous mixture of four types of tocopherols – alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. Of these, alpha-tocopherol is the most common and most effective in offering resistance against free radicals, which cause oxidation in the body and can thus lead to cancer. Beta tocopherol is useful in maintaining metabolism and preventing the development of cancerous tumors.

The research report studies the global tocopherol market on the basis of type, end-use application, and geography. In this report, the vital aspects – market segments and current market trends – are analyzed, based on which a seven-year forecast of the growth prospects of the market is presented.

On the competitive front, the report provides precise analysis of how the competitive hierarchy of the market will change over the forecast period. The change will be reflected in the growth map of niche product types of the top industry players.

Overview of Global Mixed Tocopherols Market

Tocopherols are utilized in a wide spectrum of products such as human diet, animal feed, and cosmetics, among others, because of which the mixed tocopherols market is expected to witness positive growth.

Tocopherols are known to help fight diseases, improve neurological disorders, and prevent chronic diseases such as heart diseases and cancer. Thus, the demand for mixed tocopherols as a constituent in edible or topical pharmaceutical products or cosmetics is on the rise. Factors such as high capital investment and high raw material cost are restraining the development of this market. In the composition of mixed tocopherol, the shortage of soybean oil distillate, which is the basic raw material, will also lead to increased prices of these compounds.

The mixed tocopherols market will be progressive during the 2013-2019 period. The market for mixed tocopherols will have tremendous opportunities due to the uniqueness in constituents of mixed tocopherols, which are essentially vitamin E compounds. Research is underway to find other natural sources of vitamin E; however, so far no other product is commercially available. In addition, the failure of substitute products to gain commercial support will increase the growth prospects of the mixed tocopherols market. In particular, China will exhibit an increased demand for mixed tocopherols due to high-volume production of animal feed products in the region.

Major Companies in Global Mixed Tocopherols Market

Key players that operate in the global mixed tocopherols market are DSM, B&D Nutritional Ingredients, Archer Daniels Midland Company, American River Nutrition Inc., Davos Life Science Pte Ltd., Advanced Organic Material SA, BASF, A.C. Grace Company Inc., BTSA Biotecnologias Aplicadas, COFCO Tech Bioengineering, Eisai Food & Chemical Co. Ltd., and Fenchem Biotek.