Conveying Equipment Market Size, Demands, Trends, Growth and Forecasts 2014 to 2021

Conveying Equipment

The Conveying Equipment Market Research Report published by provides industry analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective market size, share, trend, growth and forecast during the study period (2014–2021).

Conveyors are mechanical handling equipment used for transferring materials from one place to another. Conveying equipment can be used either for bulk handling, unit handling and parts & attachments. They can have durable, non-durable or manufacturing applications. The end user industries for the global conveying market are automotive goods, food and beverage processing, and other durable goods industries.

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Unit handling equipment are the leading product segments of the global conveying equipment market followed by parts & attachments and bulk handling equipment. The parts & attachments equipment market is expected to experience a very good growth attributed to its varied application in transitional and final goods.

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Durable goods industries are the leading end-users of the global conveying equipment market. Introduction to assembly line and mass conveying have been the major reasons behind the growth of the global conveying equipment market. Moreover, the demand from the automotive industry is fueling the growth of the global conveying equipment market. The demand from non-durable goods follows the durable goods. However, the demand for durable goods is inconsistent, which affects the growth of this market. Also, the fluctuating prices of synthetic rubber and metals, which are the key raw materials for the conveying equipment, may hamper the growth of the global conveying equipment market.

Major player assessed in the report is :
– Fenner Dunlop
– Dematic
– Intelligrated Inc.
– Rexnord
– Nordstrong Equipment Ltd.
– Webster Industries
– Sandvik AB
– While Durr
– FMC Technologies
– Hitachi
– Hytrol Conveyor
– Fritz Schafer
– Richards Wilcox
– Siemens AG
– More

Europe is the market leader of the global conveying equipment market followed by Asia Pacific. Within Europe, France and Germany are the key players in the conveying equipment market. This is due to the presence of the key automobile players in these regions. However, the conveying equipment market of US is also expected to come up in the forecasted duration.


1. Conveying Equipment By Product:

– Bulk Handling
– Unit Handling
– Parts and Attachments

2. Conveying Equipment By Applications :

– Durable Goods
– Non-Durable Goods
– Manufacturing Goods

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