If it cannot be banked it will be dropped on Runescape Gold

If it cannot be banked it will be dropped on the floor and the player will be notified though the important information box. This not only means the powered up player can easily outlast and KO anyone in the arena, but it also causes a large amount of deaths in the arena and causes the scores to not be as stable as you may have thought it was! Chicken Army Chicken Army This grants the ability to call upon a chicken army.

For every successful hit a player makes with this power up active, a level 198 chicken will spawn and attack your opponent. Each chicken is the equivalent of a maxed level player fighting alongside you. These chickens will continue to be added up to a maximum of 10 chickens at a time. These will last for 30 seconds or until the player dies. Once the power up is done, the chickens will disappear in a puff of smoke. There are plenty of other power ups still in development, such as Vampyrism, Adrenaline Boost, Runescape Gold  and Call upon the Ninja Te…..I mean Death Lotus Assasins!

The power ups are arranged in such a way that they are not too close to each other, but are close enough for a player to easily run between them. Regular power ups are placed inside areas that provide good cover and places that can be used to block attacks to kite other players. The 100 armour and super power ups are deliberately placed in choke points and regularly traveled areas between the easily controlled areas. Supreme Hunter Supreme Hunter As the game progresses, the supreme hunter mechanic will come into effect. This is a tribute to the original Crucible, and also a mechanic to enable PvP hotspots and more fun/tension in the arena.