You’ll even be able to Fifa Coins

Fronted by Manchester United and France forward Anthony Martial, the
video shows the new ‘driven finish’ mechanic, which allows you to keep
shots low in any circumstance. Not only will you be able to drill
finesse shots in to the bottom corner and volley downwards.

You’ll even be able to Fifa Coins  headers towards the ground to wrong-foot
the goalkeeper. There are also more options for quick counter attacks,
with threaded through-passes that allow curled outside-of-the-boot
throughballs to wrongfoot defenders. How many of these new techniques
will be for advanced players only remains to be seen, but these nice
gameplay additions should at least make the other big addition more
satisfactory: story mode. Story mode is more than just the standard “Be
a Pro” option from previous instalments of FIFA that allowed you to
represent a single player and move between clubs.