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To take like a real level transition, we necessary to adding kind of
2007 Rs Gold. Again, our tool doesn’t have a very blending system, and
then we essential to select a approach to mimic it.

We achieved this through the use of another cycle for the start
inside the travelling and combat-ready animations. So for your
travelling animation, it could start when using the ready pose plus
one server cycle it could merge for your travelling pose creating a
smoother transition so the travelling
animation may have. It blends because the applications are
calculating the in-between pose inside the ready pose together with
travelling pose. This is called Tweening. So for example, when you
have two poses – a standing pose together with a sitting pose – the
in-between pose will probably be a
crouching pose. To get it even smoother, you’d pick the standing
pose together with crouching pose and add another in-between, and so
the new pose might be approximately the standing pose together with
crouching pose and so on. Then, we finish it through the use of some
final touches. The
same thing will likely be done for the ready animation, even so the
other way round.

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