We’ve all played video games with bugs and FIFA

We’ve all played video games with bugs and FIFA in general patch/release terms is no better or worse than any other. The community finds broken things and then the developers fix them. I’ve poured hours myself in to The Division most recently, which has been a bloody mess at times, far surpassing anything EA have had to patch for FIFA 16.

But this glitch, this is different.

This isn’t a disconnect issue, or a menu that fails to appear. This is a potential explanation for years of assumed bad luck, bad feeling and hundreds of broken controllers. Something so deeply rooted in Buy Fifa 17 Coins  code base that it’s highly likely EA didn’t even know it existed. Which is the same as knowing, and doing nothing about it. It’s their job to know.

We’ve all felt it when playing FIFA. That is the one constant amongst all of this, but that “feeling” was always passed off as either placebo, network latency or personal emotion. Some of those factors are of course a reality as well. When I’m 1-0 up with two minutes to go, I can literally feel my body tightening up and my decision making with my players becoming more erratic. But with the chemistry evidence laid bare for all to see, it adds further credence to “FIFA Aids” being a very real virus to go with these other, very real human afflictions.