Master Hanz Cua’s 8 Treasures Store Moved to a Bigger, Better Location

Master Hanz Cua, the premier fortune teller Philippines, who owns 8 Treasures House of Mystical Charms, is happy to announce that the said store is relocating to a bigger and much better location in August 2016. Currently, the store is situated in Level 1 EDSA Shangri-La Mall Plaza in Mandaluyong City. Although it will still be in Mandaluyong City, the new business address will be Cityland Shaw Tower, St. Francis cor. Shaw Boulevard.

Cramped as it is, the current store is in the hallway at the lower ground floor of Shangri-La. The glass shelves serve as the walls of the store and then, there’s a small table inside where intuitive tarot reading, palm reading, and face reading services, among others, are conducted. In the new store, every facet of the business will be improved from the shelves to the tables. As such, the lucky charms will be displayed in clear view.

Speaking of charms, nonetheless, these are some of the products that you may find at the new store. These charms, amulets, crystals, and other displays are mostly salable before and during the Ghost Month.

1) White Umbrella Goddess

Also known as Ushnisha Sitatapatra, the White Umbrella Goddess can annihilate spirit harm and black magic completely. You can invite her image that has been beautifully glorified on a plaque, or engraved on a Crystal Ball.

2) Night safety amulet

Night safety charms particularly those that contain the powerful image of Lord Chung Kwai, the famous Chinese Ghost Catcher, are the best ones. Lord Chung Kwai specifically catches the ghosts that aim to bring betrayal and other mischievous things as robbery and theft. It is best to put the amulet in your bag or car.

3) BHRUM pendant

Wear the BHRUM pendant daily as a protective amulet. The pendant wards off mishaps and illness brought by bad spirits. It can protect against untimely death, too.

4) Chung Kwei

Protector against evil spirit, the brass Chung Kwei will disperse the evils of the #5 Yellow Star (Disaster Star). It can also protect the entire family from accidents and deaths regardless of whichever part of the house you put it in.

5) Chung Kwei amulet

For added potent protection from evil spirits, enemies, robberies and theft, wear the Chung Kwei amulet. For those in high profile professions, Chung Kwei will help to prevent backstabbing and ill will competitions.

6) Wu Lou

A wu lou protects the family from illnesses especially the matriarch of the family. The wu lou amulet can be also put inside the bag for protection outside the house.

7) Black tourmaline or onyx bracelet

Wearing Black tourmaline will keep the lingering spirit stay away from you.

8) Fu dog

placed outside a home on either side of the front door — looking out toward the path/street — so the home is protected from any potential negativity approaching it and the people inside.

9) Tai Sui amulet

Advised to be carried at all times, Tai Sui amulet brings good energy and protection from all kinds of danger.

10) Arowana ring (or Dragon Fish)

Aside from jumpstarting one’s career, the Arowana ring also keeps the wearer away from any illnesses and misfortunes.

Expect to see more of these Feng Shui products, however, come the August 2016 relaunching of Master Hanz Cua’s 8 Treasures House of Mystical Charms.