Herbicides Market stabilizing owing to rising laws on chemical ingredients in herbicides.

Rising weed and other unwanted plants in agricultural fields is automatically giving a strong push to the demand for herbicides. Herbicides are chemicals compounds that are used to manipulate or control undesirable vegetation. Row-crop farming uses most amount of herbicide usage. They also may be applied to crops which are under fall in order to improve harvesting. Herbicides are used in forest management to prepare logged areas for replanting. In suburban and urban areas, herbicides are applied to lawns, parks, golf courses and other areas. Herbicides are also used in water bodies to control aquatic weeds that impede irrigation withdrawals or interfere with industrial and recreational uses of water.

The herbicides market is mainly driven by the limited availability of arable land, high profitability margin, acceptance of modern farming and protected agriculture, and changes in farming practices and technology. To capitalize on the growth trend in the global market, several leading companies are investing in the development and manufacturing sectors.

Herbicides Market: Cheap & Effective Weed Control:

There are multiple evidences in the agricultural literature stating that herbicides are generally more effective and less expensive than other methods of weed control. The advantages of herbicides are greatest in temperate areas with cool and moist summers, and mild winters which support the year-round weed growth. Moist soil conditions and high humidity also reduce the value of cultivation; thus controlling weeds by speeding up the microbial degradation is important.

Geographical Brief on Herbicides Market:

Latin America and Asia-Pacific are the top two consumers of this Herbicides Market. Latin America is the fastest growing country in revenue. However, many European countries are banning the application of synthetic herbicides, for example in 2015 Germany, France and Switzerland joined the global glyphosate banning movement for herbicides. Moreover, health professionals in Brazil and Argentina are also filing new petitions for banning herbicide based products in their domestic markets. The herbicide banning movement in Europe will hamper the market growth in this segment.

Segmentation Brief of Herbicides Market:

IndustryARC segments the Global Herbicides Market into a huge number of 10 types based on certain deciding factors like:

  1. By Type: Bio-Herbicides, Synthetic Herbicides and Others.
  2. By Crop Type: Cereals & Grains, Oil Seeds & Pulses, Fruits & Vegetables and Cotton.
  3. By Non-Crop Based: Turf & Ornamentals based and Others.
  4. By Mechanism of Action: Accase Inhibitors, Als Inhibitors, Epsps Inhibitiors, Synthetic Auxins and Photosystem Inhibitors.
  5. By Molecular Structure: Organic and Inorganic.
  6. By Mobility: Contact and Systemic.
  7. By Method of Application: Foilage- Active Herbicides and Soil- Active Herbicides.
  8. By Mode of Action: Selective and Noon- Selective Herbicides.
  9. By Application Type: Pre-Plant Incorporated, Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent.
  10. By Geography: Americas, Europe, APAC and ROW.

All the above segments are segmented into narrower streams (get full report)

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Top Vendors of Herbicides Market:

Herbicides Market Report by IndustryARC includes more than 40 whopping companies of this industry with few given below.

  • Bayer AG
  • Certis USA LLC
  • Cheminova A/S
  • Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd

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