Also, Mod Stu clearly missed the Runescape Gold

Also, Mod Stu clearly missed the ‘mini’ part when he worked on his quest. The internally titled ‘headquest’ (one of July’s miniquests) is on the longer side. Bad Stu, bad.

The Acolytes of Seiryu

Monkeymaner’s concept has been ever-so-slightly tweaked to better fit into the established narrative of the Eastern Lands. Instead of a Temple of Runescape Gold , we’ve made it a Temple of Seiryu – the azure dragon of legend – as depicted on the highest-tier Ports portal. For a number of reasons, it’s made more sense for us to theme this around water instead of air, but narratively everything else is still there – the monks, elementals and spirit dragons, and suggestions of a temple.

Temple – Work in Progress
Work in Progress

It’s a previously unnamed faction in the Eastern Lands, but one that fits in very neatly, and leaves us future room to expand upon. Perhaps later regions will also see you running into other new factions focussed on the other known legendary creatures of the east – Byakko the White Tiger, Suzaku the Vermilion Bird, and Genbu the Black Tortoise.