I’ve also wondered if a return of NBA 2K17 MT Coins

I’ve also wondered if a return of the Sonics might also mean another expansion franchise to keep the number of teams in the league and the conferences even. If so what cities might be candidates for expansion? Looking at the lists of biggest markets and best places to live you linked to in your piece on NBA 2K17 MT Coins , I see these cities/locations as possibilities: Tampa, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, San Diego, Nashville, Kansas City, Cincinnati.
Several of these places have pro basketball history — some more significant than others. I’m sure there are other possibilities and I’m sure some of these aren’t realistic due to the proximity of other NBA teams, the economy and/or fan base of the area being able to support a new NBA franchise along with its existing major league teams in other sports, as well as other factors. Seattle being in the Western Conference might mean another Eastern location is needed. Or perhaps a Western team (Memphis or New Orleans seem the likeliest options based on geographic location) is reassigned to the East if one of the Midwest or Western locations were chosen for expansion.