Food Colors Market driven by growing consumption of the visually enticing food pigment.

Different types of color for food produced by food colors companies in Food Colors Market are synthetic food colors and natural food colors. Natural colors in food are given by carotenoids, caramel, anthocyanins etc. and Synthetic food pigments are red (Betaines, Santalans, Carmanic acid and Carmine), yellow (Caramel, Riboflavin), green (Chlorophylls) and blue (Spirulina Extract) etc. Carotenoids are plant pigments which gives bright red, yellow and orange hues to the food. Consumption of this pigment is beneficial for health.

Food colors are added to consumable products to enhance it visually by giving it an enticing shade and making it more appealing to the customers.

Food colors market is on rise in the developing nations of Asia-Pacific and Latin America and is pushing the use of food dyes. There is a constant demand of food dyes all around the globe irrespective of the region since the preprocessed food market is growing.

Food colors market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.3% through 2020 suggests market report of IndustryARC. Consumer preferences of having food coloring in food, rising standard of living conditions and high demand for ready-to-cook foods are the main driving factors fueling the growth of food colors market.

Food Colors Market has its applications in bakery, meat and poultry, frozen foods and confectionery etc. food colors are used in food industries to make their products a visual treat for the customers. Increasing consumption for packaged, ready-to-eat meals, confectionery and baked goods has increased sales for these market products.

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According to the research studies by IndustryARC on Food Colors Market, the prominent food colors manufacturers are:

  • Sensient Technologies Corporation (U.S.)
  • D.D. Williamson & Co. Incorporated. (U.S.)
  • Chr. Hansen A/S (Denmark)
  • Döhler Group (Germany
  • Kalsec Incorporated (U.S.)

Food Colors Market is rising with a constant pace and there will be great demand for natural food colorants when compared to the artificial food colorants. Food colorant is essential to give food an entreating appearance and thus is in great demand in the food and beverage industries.

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