Amaialand: A Home for Everyone

“Sa Amaia, paangat ang buhay. Sa Amaia, de kalidad ang bahay. Sa Amaia, may ******! Sa Amaia, napakadali, Sa Amaia, malapit sa lahat!”


Getting its moniker from the word “Amaya” which is the English counterpart of high place or the fulfillment of a dream as well as the word “Maya” which is the country’s local sparrow symbolizing humility and courage, Amaia can guarantee delivery in their wealth of promises.Today, as more on more housing options crop up and with condominium towers rising in almost every nook and cranny of major cities, Amaia Land breaks the mold by offering equally aesthetic and well-built residential homes for their potential homeowners. In fact, with Amaia Land’s sprawling list of properties (from arrays of townhouses in Quezon City to towering condominium structures), you are guaranteed to find the ideal home perfect for you.

Additionally, each potential home purchaser can be secure in their choice with Amaia as Amaia Land’s introductory spiel promises a wealth and long string of promises to their potential buyers. These promises are not only mere marketing taglines but strategic visions as well. Among them are: owning homes fast and easy, living in a community with easy accessibility, houses built with the highest of standards and attention which are all designed to meet the growing needs of homeowners. The corporation also seeks to bring the spirit and quality of an A-development to a broader spectrum of individuals. In its incipiency, it was originally named First Class Communities Realty, Inc. under the former Laguna Property Holdings Inc. before it finally settled on the name Amaia. Amaia’s primary focus lies on the economic housing segment which makes up about 34% of the Philippine real estate market. In essence, this would mean that Amaia seeks to cater not only to a distinct target market group but to a broad affordable market segment that would include government employees, manufacturing employees, teachers, Overseas Filipino Workers with families in the Philippines as well as small business owners and professionals who are just starting their careers. The principles of Amaia is mainly guided by the five pillars (wide reach, unique community concepts, one-year workmanship quality, easy on the pocket with convenient payment options and safe and secure homes) in regards to its project to be able to ensure best and good quality development to a wider scope of people. In addition to that, Amaia offers an expansive breathing space with first-rate amenities within your easy reach. To ensure quality living, the company develops establishments with the convenience of being in proximity to office, schools, malls and other shops in mind without the cloistered and suffocating feeling that usually goes along with it.

Home investment is a monumental milestone each individual would wish to undertake, and considering its gravity, it is of paramount important that one is aware of the various features their dream homes should have. So, the next time you are in the market for a new home, put Amaia on your list of potential neighborhood’s to live in, and you might just discover the property that matches your preferences but is suitable to your lifestyle as well because, in Amaia, there is a home for everyone.