Kevin Attkisson: An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Dayton OH

Dayton, Ohio – A personal injury is, by definition, an event that causes pain and suffering. The types of accidents that cause personal injuries happen when they are least expected. The individual may be driving or riding as a passenger in a car, walking alongside a street, or visiting someone else’s property. Car accidents are the most common type of accidents that cause personal injuries but there are also dog bites, slips and falls, and accidents that occur from the negligence of the premises. A person who is working and enjoying their favorite activities today may end up facing a pile of medical bills and be incapacitated tomorrow. As an experienced personal injury lawyer in Dayton OH, Kevin Attkisson ( knows the emotional, physical and financial impact that being a victim of personal injury can mean.
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For the victim, being injured in an accident can result in a lot of different expenses. They may have to file a claim with their auto insurance company so that their automobile can be repaired or replaced. They may have to be seen by different types of physicians and have multiple diagnostic tests to determine the extent of their injuries before they even begin treatment. If they are injured seriously enough to require hospitalization, the bills can go much higher at a much faster rate. Even those with the best health insurance will find that the amount of copays and deductibles will add up to amounts that they could not normally pay. A personal injury lawyer in Dayton; OH from the Attkisson Law Firm can help them recover the compensation they need to pay these bills and allow them to recover without the added stress of an uncertain financial future.

Dealing with insurance companies that don’t want to pay or that try to settle for an amount far less than the victim needs to settle their financial burden is one of the biggest reasons to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Dayton, OH who understands the law and what the insurance company’s responsibilities are. The attorneys at The Attkisson Law Firm are the “Heavy Hitters” who will fight for the victim’s rights and get them the compensation they deserve.

About The Attkisson Law Firm

Attorney Kevin Attkisson of the Attkisson Law Firm ( is a personal injury and wrongful death attorney in Dayton, Ohio, who is devoted to representing injury victims against insurance companies. When clients need guidance to submit a claim or need represented in court to ensure they get the justice they deserve, Mr. Attkisson provides the services the clients need. Being injured in an accident can put a financial, physical, and emotional burden on anyone. The one-on-one legal services offered to injury victims in Dayton by the law firm help them get compensation that will help reduce the burden of an injury.