Kevin Attkisson: A Dayton Work Accident Lawyer Working for Victims Rights

Dayton, Ohio – A personal injury is the injury to a person’s physical body that occurs due to another person, company, or entity’s fault. A work related injury can also be a personal injury when it is the result of an accident that happens due to the negligence of the workplace. Many people believe that they are limited to the payments they receive though worker’s compensation. A Dayton work accident lawyer from the Attkisson Law Firm ( understands that some injuries result in extensive medical bills, loss of wages, and even permanent injuries or disabilities. When they do, worker’s compensation simply isn’t adequate enough to cover their expenses.

Worker’s compensation typically is limited to a percentage of the person’s normal working wages. They cannot collect more based on the severity of their injury or the cost of their care. A personal injury claim, on the other hand, can recover compensation for medical bills, normal daily expenses, punitive damages, and money to compensate for the loss of wages.

Even if the individual is not certain that their injuries will qualify as a work-related personal injury, a Dayton work accident lawyer has the expertise to evaluate the circumstances that led to the injury and the medical records that have accumulated since it occurred. It is also important to note that a work-related injury can also occur from an intentional act by the employer.

The laws involving work-related personal injuries and worker’s compensation differ according to the state where the individual is employed. In Ohio, many clients have learned the value of having an experienced Dayton work accident lawyer from the Attkisson Law Firm to fight for the compensation they need to secure their financial future.

People are often frightened and confused after an accident has had an impact on their lives. They don’t know what the extent of their injuries is or how long and to what degree they will be affected in the near and distant future. The most valuable asset anyone can have at this time is a Dayton work accident lawyer who understands the options available to them and the willingness to fight to get them justice.

About The Attkisson Law Firm

Attorney Kevin Attkisson of the Attkisson Law Firm ( is a personal injury and wrongful death attorney in Dayton, Ohio, who is devoted to representing injury victims against insurance companies. When clients need guidance to submit a claim or need represented in court to ensure they get the justice they deserve, Mr. Attkisson provides the services the clients need. Being injured in an accident can put a financial, physical, and emotional burden on anyone. The one-on-one legal services offered to injury victims in Dayton by the law firm help them get compensation that will help reduce the burden of an injury.