Fingerprint Services Offered by National Pardon Centre

In Canada, there are quite a few reasons a person may need to have a professional set of fingerprints taken. National Pardon Centre offers fingerprinting services for completing background checks for various vulnerable sector checks within Canada. This is done through the RCMP Civil Fingerprint Division in Ottawa. Once the fingerprints are taken, they are compared and verified against the information that the Canadian Police Information Centre, CPIC, has on file.

If the individual does not have any personal information found with the CPIC it means that they don’t have a criminal level on the national level. It may still mean they have something filed with the local court, police, etc.

Fingerprinting services are available to businesses thinking of hiring an employee, as well as individuals who want to see if they have anything in the system.

Fingerprinting is able to be done in one, of two, different ways. It can be done in person electronically or by using standard ink and paper. In most cases, the electronic method is preferred, since it renders faster results. The fingerprints are able to go directly into the system for comparison.

There are a number of reasons that fingerprint services in Canada may be necessary. Adoption, to obtain Canadian citizenship, for employment with the federal government, for other employment purposes, for landed immigrant status, to change a name and more. If this service is needed, using the professionals at the National Pardon Centre will render the professional, fast results required by most people.

The National Pardon Centre has been offering their services to Canadian residents for over 20 years. They are able to provide fingerprinting services, as well as a number of other services related to Canadian citizens. This venue is an accredited venue, which means that the individual who seeks the services will receive an official set of fingerprints that are able to be used for a plethora of legal services.

Don’t trust just any fingerprinting service. When a person chooses to use National Pardon Centre for any fingerprinting services they may need, they will be backed by professionals who know what to do and why it matters. This is essential when the fingerprints are being used for legal purposes.