FIFA 17 VS PES 2017: Full Comparison

All league battles have finished and now its time for the next big battle
footballers and gamers across the world wait for all year long – the
battle of Konami and Fifa Coins AccountThe battle is fierce as both

game companies look to create the best game-playing experience for

followers around the globe. The two gaming giants are set to release their big

football games late in September this year.

The paramount force that drives a gamer to one of either games is the

gameplay of that game. Both games are set to have gamechanging(pun-
intended) features added as the first battle of the 2016/17 campaign
kicks off between Konami and EA. While Pro-evolution soccer looks mostly
to carry on with what went right with the previous edition and amend what
didn’t, FIFA is bringing a lot of new stuff to the show.