Early display name change with Cheap Rs Gold

Old School bonds can now be redeemed to bypass the cooldown on name
changes. If you wish to redeem a bond to bypass the cooldown, you must do
so through the existing bond interface.

To find the bond interface, click the settings tab and then the bond

From here, you can redeem your bond to bypass the Cheap Rs Gold change cooldown by
using the redeem option found in the bottom-right of the interface.

Once you have confirmed your redemption, you will need to log into the
main RuneScape website and access the display name section to change your
display name. You can read more in-depth instructions of how to do this in
our help centre.

Pothole dungeon expansion

The pothole dungeon has received an expansion! You can now head into the
extended upstairs area to find many more jogres to take on.