@The Car Wash is a Versatile 24/7 Car Wash in Fredericksburg VA

Fredericksburg, Virginia – The car wash uses an Autec Soft Touch, self-serve, automatic, in-bay car wash that gets cars clean without damaging the finish. A choice in basic and premium wash packages and a basic wash pass make @the Car Wash a leading car wash in Fredericksburg.

When a vehicle is beginning to show some signs of fading, @the Car Wash (http://the-car-wash.com/) offers restoration services to renew it and make it look years younger. They take care of cloudy headlights, old decals, new scratches, grimy engines, dull chrome and more. These are the small details that diminish a vehicle’s appearance and make it look less valuable than it really is. Some of these problems can also interfere with safety and the functioning of the vehicle.

There are several reasons that @the Car Wash has become the premier car wash in Fredericksburg for washing and detailing cars. For one, it is conveniently located in the Central Park shopping district where if offers easy to access to residents throughout the area. Most people need car wash services when their vehicles have unexpectedly gotten dirty and they want them to be restored by the next day. Availability at any time the car wash is needed makes it especially appealing to those who prefer versatile service on their schedule.

Broad Range of Services

There are different needs according to the condition of the car and the outcome that the owner expects. @the Car Wash offers a basic wash package that includes a pre-soak soap, under carriage pre-rinse, clear coat protectant and a two pass wash with spot-free water rinse and 45 HP air-dry.

The premium wash package includes everything in the basic wash package in addition to the tri-color foam soap conditioner, four pass wash, tire & wheel cleaner and 75 HP air dry. Detailing and restoration services are also an option when basic washing services aren’t enough.

The car wash in Fredericksburg is a good value with prices that will fit into almost any budget and provide the customer with the best quality services that they would expect from a premier car wash.

About @the Car Wash

@the Car Wash (http://the-car-wash.com/) is a Fredericksburg Virginia car wash that offers customers flexible options for keeping their ride looking its best. In addition to their car wash packages, they offer premium detailing services using the highest quality products and the most advanced equipment in the industry. The combination of butter-soft cloths and elbow grease results in a clean shine that will make any ride glow. @the Car Wash is the premier car wash and detailing service provider in the greater Fredericksburg area. They are conveniently located in the Central Park shopping center district where they offer 24/7 service.