Relax! Your Family Members Are Safe!

A short story of Surbhi Dhyani to begin with…

“I want to introduce you to Mr. Ramesh Aggarwal. He is our boss and we all love him, let me tell you why! We handle international clients and due to different shift timings, we have to return home really late at night. Initially my parents used to be worried about me as being a girl, travelling in cab is really dangerous considering current happenings. Situation worsened up to the limit of leaving the job but all thanks to our boss’s smart solution to problem. He got GPS vehicle tracking system installed in all the cabs for better safety measures. The GPS tracking system keeps a continuous check on the provided cab thus establishing complete safety for women employees.”

Heard about GPS system, we’re sure you must have! GPS tracking system has created a happy wave for all late night employees ensuring their complete safety. Its benefits are endless, let’s know more about it:-

Why cabs with GPS tracking are safe?

Don’t worry if you are lost: With GPS, you know where you’re going. In case, you are lost or distracted, the GPS will relocate the route automatically and get you where you need to go with minimal stress and distraction

Not familiar with roads, don’t worry : If you are not familiar with roads and are driving on busy multi-lane highways, a good-quality text-to-voice GPS will direct you the correct lane in advance

Even driving late at night is safe: This is one of the best features of in-car GPS as it provides you a better night vision while driving in low-visibility conditions. Moreover, during bad-weather conditions, a GPS will show you upcoming hurdles as well.

You won’t get distracted by maps: Reading maps while driving is an utter distraction, GPS is audio enabled and give you directions without distracting you from driving.

Safety tips while using GPS tracking

Rely upon voice directions: This will be beneficial. So, make it sure to rely more on the voice directions with an occasional glance at the map to confirm or preview turns.

Don’t mount the GPS in between your sight lines: It’s good, not to be distracted. So, advisably position your GPS low and near the dashboard and out of key driving sight lines.

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